LOSERS L-R: Tom Bellamy, Paul Mullen, Eddy Temple Morris

Photo Credit: Matt Perkins

Losers are for want of a better term a bit of super group. They are a collective that revolves around an axis of three musicians. Those three musicans being Tom Bellamy (once of the much loved Cooper Temple Clause )  DJ Eddy Temple Morris and their most recent addition Paul Mullen ( YourCodeNameIs:Milo, The Automatic, Young Legionnaire and various other bands and projects, he’s a busy boy). Losers began with Eddy and Tom getting together and remixing the shit out of some music and their first record ‘Beautiful Losers’ was born.

In June of this year they joined the ever expanding group of musicians to utilise fan funding to release their second album ‘And So We Shall Never Part’. Tom very kindly took time out of Losers hectic schedule to answer a few questions.

MFD:  Losers sound has changed over the last couple of years taking in a much more rock edge to complement the dance background. How would you describe Losers in 2013?

TOM: Losers in 2013 is an ever expanding collaborative outfit. The latest incarnation is that of a heavy rock band with strong electronic influences. I guess it would sit well somewhere between Depeche Mode and NIN. 

MFD: What was the main reason for your turning to Pledge to release the new record?

TOM: Losers spent far too long trying to find the right label for the band when we realised that in fact the best label was with our fans. With pledge you have 100% control so if things go tits up you only have yourself to blame.


MFD: With the sound of the band changing have you ever feared you would alienate people who loved your first album? Or is it a case of hoping they would change with you?

TOM: We’ve always been fans of bands who reinvent the wheel. Radiohead are the best example of this. I think fans will always get an initial shock but you can’t make a career out of writing “Creep” over and over again. It is very important for us to try and push the envelope. We are all massive music fans and consumers, whether that is dance, rock, classical, jazz.. great music doesn’t need to be pigeonholed. 

MFD: How do you all come together to make a Losers album when you all have so many other projects in action?

TOM: Each song has a different writing process. We are all songwriters. Some will be the 3 of us together from the start. Others will be more of a structured individual effort. Songs may start from a simple dictaphone message sent over email or conversely it might be an idea that has come from a jam in the rehearsal room. In the world of mules, there are no rules.

MFD: You’re releasing a remix album alongside ‘And So We Shall Never Part’. Considering Losers started out as a remix project do you find yourselves expecting a certain level of awesomeness from people who remix your music?

TOM: We’re really lucky to have so many talented producer friends. It’s a real joy and honour to be able to hand pick such talented people to remix our album. Everyone involved taught us everything we know so there’s nothing to worry about there!

MFD: You are supporting Gary Numan later this year. How did that come about and do you think his fans will dig Losers music?

 TOM: Eddy and Gary met on Eddy’s remix show on XFM. They went head to head on his show and it turned out that they had pretty much the same songs in their record bags. Eddy kept in touch and sent Gary our first single Azan. He was totally blown away and invited us out just off the strength of that song. He had also previously played out our remix of his song Petals live every night on his last tour which was a huge honour. 

MFD: Losers began as a two people and then Paul joined taking the band in a new direction. Do you see the group expanding again by album number three?

TOM: We have already started talking about album 3 and we would like to change it up once again. More and more amazing musicians are joining the collective and we hope to be able to deliver something that will again probably be unexpected but ultimately show our strength and longevity as producers with a passion for music of any genre.  

‘And So We Shall Never Part’ is released later this year and you can still pledge for it until September 9th here.

Losers will also be supporting Gary Fucking Numan in November for more information go here

Thanks go out to Tom for taking the time to answer these questions and also to Joe from Camouflage Recordings who helped make this interview possible.

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Losers On Twitter


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