Songs Of The Year Part 4

5. ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ – The Dollyrots


thedoThe Dollyrots fifth album ‘Barefoot And Pregnant’ is pure pop punk, and pretty much any track from the album could make this list. Covering all bases the album ranges from the frenetic punk blast of the title track to the hook laden pop of this song. ‘Puppy Dog Eyes’ is one of the slower tracks on the album it has a chorus that will wheedle its way into your brain for days.





4. ‘The Order Of The Dog’ – The Ginger Wildheart Band

 Officially released under the Ginger Wildheart moniker, ‘Albion’ is an album full of classic Ginger tunes, so much so that the pledger version of the album doesn’t dip in quality despite having five extra tracks. The quality is almost certainly helped by the presence of the Ginger Wildheart Band members bringing their own unique flavours to the mix. To quote my own review (because I’m that full of myself) “‘The Order Of The Dog’ is set to become a fan favourite, it’s lyrics relating the unrelenting nature of depression so candidly and it’s underlying message that black dog nurturers are not alone is a striking one that many people have already found comfort in'”

3. ‘Hey Stranger’ – The Dowling Poole


Sprouting out of the minds of the collective musical genius of Willie Dowling and Jon Poole, The Dowling Poole takes the perfect pop of Dowlings former bands an squeezes it through Poole’s odd prog mangle to produce a gloriously unusual album. ‘Bleak Strategies’ is at times straight forward pop but it’s at its best when it goes on a little detour from the norm. To once again quote myself (because I’m awesome) “The beautiful ‘Hey Stranger’ is probably the perfect example of this musical marriage, Jon’s acoustic verses juxtaposed with the circus rhythm of Willie’s, well it’s not the chorus we aren’t looking at anything quite so simple here, but Willie’s ‘bit’ then by the end we have some classic “Ba Ba Ba’s” to join in with which makes the song almost perfect.”

2. ‘Futurology’ – Manic Street Preachers

IMG_5544_ALEX_LAKEManic Street Preachers followed up their fantastic 2013 album Rewind The Film with an album of euro inspired sounds. ‘Futurology’ the title track from that album sees the band at their best, ie hooks and power  and not giving a shit.



1. ‘Love Hold On’ – Tony Wright


Holy shit Tony where did this come from? Tony Wright, perhaps best known for being in Terrorvision and to a lesser extent Laika Dog, released his debut solo album this year with the help of Pledge Music and is quite simply the best thing he’s ever put his name to. Intimate, emotional and catchy as hell Thoughts n All shows Wright to be one of the best songwriters out there right now. Any of the tracks from the album would have probably topped this list so just buy the album and listen to it on repeat.

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